Friday, January 2, 2015

End of Break, Beginning of Year

Sitting on the couch, sipping husband-made tea and watching German Netflix's "Mörder Mit Aussicht"... a lovely way to spend a Christmas break afternoon... until I saw how long it had been since updating our blog! So here's to a new start to our weblog. Prost!

We've had lots of great memory-building time with family this holiday season. Isaac's uncle Bill, aunt Mari and cousin Jeremy left to return to Michigan and Virginia in the early hours of the new year, but not before we'd hit Uncle Bill's bucket-list items. We also added a few to his list he didn't know he was missing.

  1. Day-trip to the Alps... where at least 3 family members return violently ill... check.
  2. Christmas markets in 3 countries: Alsace, France; Titisee, Germany; Basel, Switzerland.
  3. Gift shopping in Kandern
  4. The Hobbit in Kandern theater
  5. Snowy day train trip to Titisee
  6. Whirlwind tour of Freiburg
  7. German breakfast at Mishlers
  8. Brats & schnitzel
  9. Laughing our heads off at silly YouTube videos
  10. Lots and lots of grocery stores! (Uncle Bill is a retired grocer)
We are thankful for our time with family. Thanks again, Bill, Mari & Jeremy for your visit. It was fun. :)