Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Meaning of Normandy

Each year the Junior class at Black Forest Academy takes a trip to Normandy, France to tour the D-Day beaches and museums. I have been in the process of taking over the leadership of the trip and this was my second year helping to lead. It always ends up being a great time of learning about an important and meaningful event that help shape Europe and and the United States. The students come away with insights not just about the war, but about the meaning of courage, sacrifice and heroism.
I often think about how blessed I am to be able to be involved in teaching these kids such important lessons, but I am even more amazed at how the work Suzanne and I do here affects mission work around Europe. After the trip I received several emails from parents telling me how much their child learned and how the work we do here allows them to continue their work. One parent wrote to say: "We are very grateful and see you as God´s provision for our daughter´s needs and your ministry has enabled us to stay put here in Spain. This year our ministry is flourishing and we would have been sorry to have had to leave... a new beginning of a church has birthed, a baptism and baby dedication soon to happen, a ladies retreat for 200 women of southern Spain, time spent with many unsaved people who have no other contact for knowing or hearing of Jesus."
Your prayers and financial support are so important to not only our work, but also the work of many others around Europe. Thank you for all you are doing in support of the gospel.

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